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Psychiatric Specialist – SARAJEVO – Udruženje mreža za izgradnju mira

        Specifications – 2023/BA05/CC05       

Designation of an external provider -Psychiatric Specialist for provision of technical assistance in the assessment, treatment and regular follow up of the patients in TRCs in Sarajevo Canton experiencing mental health difficulties which require psychiatric care.

Founded in 1997, Médecins du Monde ASBL – Dokters van de Wereld VZW (MdM-BE) is an International medical Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) based in Brussels, Belgium that is part of the international MdM international network. MdM-BE’s vision is to ensure universal healthcare coverage globally, and that all persons have access to care without barriers (financial, cultural, geographical, etc.). MdM-BE’s intervention is based on the three pillars of the organization, which are: 1) Care (give people real access to healthcare without barriers),

2) Testifying (gain facts about healthcare realities and disseminate them), 3) Sustainable change. The majority of MdM’s programs are mobile, meaning that MdM’s teams go where the most vulnerable people live (outreach), i.e. doing street work, visiting squats or camps and going to isolated villages.

MdM-BE’s work is articulated around five main thematic priorities: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Migration Health and Rights, Harm Reduction, One Health and Conflicts and Crises. Three transversal topics complement them: Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Mental Health, and Community Empowerment. Most MdM-BE’s projects are implemented directly, but local partnerships are an essential part of the organisation’s operational response strategy.

MdM-BE is currently active in Belgium and seven other countries: Croatia, Bosnia-and- Hercegovina, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tunisia, Niger, Mali and Morocco. Present in southesteastern Europe since 2016, MdM-BE proved its expertise in providing medical and mental health care to displaced persons as well as its capacity to share this knowledge to other partners/stakeholders (including from public sector).

Registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) as a foreign non-governmental organisation (NGO), MdM-BE is active in this country since 2019 providing mental health and psychosocial support to people on the move in Temporary Reception Centres (TRCs) in Una-Sana Canton (USC) and Sarajevo Canton (SC), but also in out of site locations. In the period 2019-2021, MdM-BE provided services in 6 TRCs.

For its office in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Médecins du Monde ASBL – Dokters van de Wereld VZW is looking for an external provider – Psychiatric Specialist for provision of technical assistance in the assessment, treatment and regular follow up of the patients in TRCs in Sarajevo Canton experiencing mental health difficulties which require psychiatric care (up to 32 hours per month).

More precisely, Psychiatrist Specialist must complete the following tasks:

  • Provide field-base / on-spot psychiatric care visits (at regular weekly appointed hour) to PoCs/patients residing in TRCs in Sarajevo Canton
  • Provide follow up / review consultations for patients who seem not to recover as expected under their current treatment plan. Case reviews may be conducted by either telephone or in person
  • Be available to provide occasional ad hoc telephone consultation to MdM MHPSS team for very complex patients, challenging patient situations or other related matters
  • Diagnose, treat and provide evidence-based management of patients with mental illness
  • Work on prevention and treatment of psychoactive substance use
  • Ensure that the follow up of patients is realised properly, including the prescription of drugs (as per the WHO’s and national recommendations)
  • Consult on complex MH cases and respond to psychiatric emergencies in conjunction with the MdM MHPSS team and DRC medical team
  • Close collaboration with psychologists and medical staff in the TRCs
  • Advise on the treatment for patients who may need more intensive or more specialized mental health care
  • Refer complicated cases to appropriate level of care
  • Maintain records of cases and ensure timely reporting, respecting the ethical norm of privacy and confidentiality
  • Ensure that all MHPSS activities provided by the team during your shift are aligned with international (SPHERE, IASC) and MdM-BE standards on code of conduct, ethics and care
  • Participate in multi-disciplinary teams, meetings and case conferences if needed
  • For emergency cases, be prepared to work outside of regular working hours
  • Monthly reports should be submitted.

This list is not exhaustive, and consultant must be flexible to take on additional tasks related to this position as determined by MHPSS Program Focal Person, based on identified and emerging needs. The job position is based in Sarajevo Canton.

In order to carry out this mission, MdM-BE is looking for candidates with following requirements/experience:

  • Psychiatric Specialist with 5 years of experience in psychiatric care
  • Experience in mental health work with refugees, migrants or other vulnerable groups in the area of operation (Sarajevo Canton) is considered as an asset
  • Experience with primary care psychiatry or consultation-liaison psychiatry
  • Experience working in a collaborative manner with a mental health team (psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist and social worker)
  • Cross-cultural working experience in the field of mental health care
  • Sound understanding of professional ethics as they apply to mental health and psychiatric care
  • Strong work ethics and commitment to humanitarian issues
  • Proven reliability in delivery of timely and quality services

Competencies/language and other skills:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in a dynamic, multicultural setting
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to effectively handle multiple tasks without compromising quality, team spirit and positive working relationships
  • Ability to work autonomously and under pressure
  • Displays sensitivity and adaptability in working with people from different cultures, gender, religions, race, nationalities and ages
  • Fulfills all obligations regarding gender sensitivity, and has zero tolerance for sexual harassment or abuse
  • Driving licence “B” category is an asset
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Fluency in local language (Bosnian/Croatia/Serbian). Fluency in written and spoken English, knowledge of Arabic, Persian and/or other migrant and refugee spoken languages would be an asset.

The services will be performed during the period from 01/10/2023 to 31/01/2024.

Applications must be sent by email to the following address:

For any information concerning this call for tender, you can contact :

Aida RAMIĆ (person in charge of the request) at phone no. +387 61 782 453 or by email

In case of withdrawal, or if you do not wish to respond to this invitation to tender, please inform us by email. Once the award decision has been made, the bidders will be informed in writing.

The following analysis grid will enable MdM-BE to evaluate the offers received. The Organization will assign a certain value to each criterion. Based on the evaluation of all these criteria and taking into account the value attributed to each, the contract will be awarded to the bidder with the most advantageous offer.

These criteria are given as an indication to enable candidates to draw up the most complete offer possible. MdM-BE reserves the right to modify and/or add any criteria to make the evaluation as meaningful as possible.

Description Weighting
1 Price /40
  Score given to the offer = (lowest offer price / offer price) * weighting of the price criterion
2 Experience /40
  Diploma of Psychiatric Specialist and its level of experience in psychiatric care
3. Specific experience /20
  Experience in mental health work with refugees, migrants or other vulnerable groups in the area of operation is considered an asset
Total weighting of award criteria /100

The submission package must include:

psychiatric specialist – sarajevo – udruženje mreža za izgradnju mira–   A technical offer including the applicant’s updated CV1.

A financial offer including a detailed financial proposal in BAM with lump-sum price for 32 working hours per month including all envisaged costs.

The bidder’s attention is drawn to the fact that the total lump-sum price relates to 32 working hours per week, must includes the fees and expenses inherent to the missions (travel and subsistence expenses) or any other expenses that will result providing consultancy services.

The candidate’s offer, the documents attached to it and the documents exchanged are written in English or BHS languages.

By submitting its offer, the bidder accepts all the clauses of the Specifications and waives all other conditions. If the contracting authority finds, during the analysis of the bids, that the bidder has added conditions that make the bid imprecise, or if the bidder expresses reservations about the conditions of the Specifications, the contracting authority reserves the right to consider the bid substantially irregular.

Offers must reach the contact person by e-mail by 29/09/2023 at 24.00 hrs at the latest. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the procedure on 30/09/2023.

1 The bidder’s CVs should clearly and in detail (organization, type of services and period of services) indicate similar experiences.


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